WNBA–NOLA Virtual Reading #2 Sign-up

The New Orleans Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association is back with our virtual reading series!

Our next reading will take place THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, at 6 PM CT. This is our Back to School edition, and as such, the theme is open. We would love to hear a variety of genres and subjects.

We invite WNBA–NOLA members to read for 5 minutes. You may share your own writing, or the work of a favorite writer.

Please note:

1. Although non-members may attend, you must be a member to perform.

2. Space is limited. Readers will participate in the order in which they sign-up. If we are unable to offer you a spot this time, you will be automatically registered for the next reading, which we expect to be in November.

3. If you read at the previous open mic, please wait until next time before signing up again. (This is subject to change. If we don’t get enough participants, we’ll open it to all members.)

If you’d like to read, let us know and we’ll send you the link to sign up. Zoom meeting ID and password will be announced the week of the reading.