The WNBA-New Orleans is a chapter of the Women’s National Book Association which was founded in 1917 (before women had the right to vote) when women were excluded from national publishing gatherings.  With local chapters around the country, WNBA is an organization of women and men who work with and value books.  WNBA exists to promote reading and to support the role of women in the community of the book.  National WNBA web site:

Women’s National Book Association Launches Centennial Year with Celebrating Women’s Voices and Book-A-Day Women’s History Month Program for the New Administration

As part of the celebration marking its 100th anniversary, the Women’s National Book Association will send a book a day throughout March to President Trump that the organization believes sheds light on many of the critical issues faced by the country. The books have been taken from a list of the top 100 books in both fiction and nonfiction compiled by the WNBA to reflect, in its estimation, the most influential books written by women.

Noting the absence of other types of non-fiction works, our Chapter Vice-President (and acting President) Marie Breaux contacted National; their response was that she had a wonderful idea.  A second list of non-fiction works was started with our Chapter leading the charge!

The entire list is available at the WNBA Centennial site as a webpage or PDF.

Highlights of our January 28th meeting

WNBA-New Orleans members enjoyed a special January meeting at the home of member Nina Calvo, Doris Stone Director, Latin American Library, Tulane University.  Nina presented and led the discussion of the work of 17th century Mexican writer Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (New Spain, 1648-1692).  She was the major figure of Spanish American literature of the colonial period (1492-1821) and a towering figure of the Spanish language of any age.

      Jan 2016 meeting 3       Jan 2016 meeting 4

          Jan 2016 meeting 1      Jan 2016 meeting 2

Jan 2016 meeting 6

Here is a message from Nina before the meeting:

Dear WNBA-NOLA friends,
I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone at my house on Saturday, January 28 to discuss the work of 17th century Mexican writer Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (New Spain, 1648-1692).  She is the major figure of Spanish American literature of the colonial period (1492-1821) and a towering figure of the Spanish language of any age.  Did I mention she also happened to be a woman?  
My hope is that everyone walks away with a general sense of who Sor Juana was, what her writing was like, and why she may still be relevant today. I hope you enjoy the readings!     Nina

RSVP to to receive readings along with Nina’s address, which is in uptown New Orleans.  Refreshments will be provided, as well as the usual convivial discussion and camaraderie.  See you there!

sor_juana_ines_de_la_cruz_1772   sor_juana_ines_de_la_cruz    sor_juana_ines_de_la_cruz-_pintura   hortensia-calvo


WNBA’s Fifth Annual Writing Contest:   Be a part of history: The Women’s National Book Association is accepting submissions for its Annual Writing Contest, 9/15/2016 through 2/15/2017. After nearly 100 years celebrating published authors, extraordinary book women and honoring independent bookstores, the WNBA is celebrating emerging writers.  For more information, go to

Celebrating the Holidays at our December 9th party!

holiday-1                holiday-2 holiday-4-2holiday-5 holiday-3

Highlights of our Nov. 28 meeting:  

Celebrating Women’s Voices: 100 Books to Read and Talk About.”  We started our planning for the 100th anniversary of the National Women’s Book Association in 2017!   We worked on compiling our chapter’s list of the 100 best books of fiction, poetry, and memoir written by US women, one title per author.  Additionally, our chapter is specifically spearheading a nonfiction list.  See Blog page for more information.

We also had great fun coming up with an idea for a special Centennial Cocktail!  Stay tuned for an update on that!




Highlights of our Oct. 30 meeting:   We had a great time at our Halloween-themed meeting!  Guest speaker and author Bonnie Noonan presented entertaining and informative information on Women in Science Fiction Films. We all agreed that this should be an October meeting must next year!


Chapter Vice President Marie Breaux introduced Bonnie Noonan, author of several books about women and science fiction films.


Bonnie Noonan explains what’s happening in this science fiction film.


Meeting host Peter Martinat, Hortensia Calvo and hostess Marie Breaux enjoy some Bloody Mary’s.


Susan Larson and Constance Adler at the event.


Dawn Wilson and “Wonder Woman” Melinda Palacio enjoyed the fun.





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