Highlights of our Nov. 28 Meeting

Celebrating Women’s Voices: 100 Books to Read and Talk About.”  We started our planning for the 100th anniversary of the National Women’s Book Association in 2017!   We worked on compiling our chapter’s list of the 100 best books of fiction, poetry, and memoir written by US women, one title per author.  Additionally, our chapter is specifically spearheading a nonfiction list.  See Blog page for more information.

We also had great fun coming up with an idea for a special Centennial Cocktail!  Stay tuned for an update on that!




Celebrating Women’s Voices: 100 Books that Explained or Changed Our World

In honor of the upcoming Centennial of the WNBA, National is compiling a preliminary list of “one hundred books by women that the WNBA community considers to be the most influential books penned by women.” This list, subtitled ‘100 Books to Read and Talk About’, will include works of fiction, poetry and memoir. Noting the absence of other types of non-fiction works, our Chapter Vice-President (and acting President) Marie Breaux contacted National; their response was that she had a wonderful idea, that a second list should be started and our Chapter is leading the charge.

Suggestions for either list can be sent via email to wnbaofnola@gmail.com .

Criteria for the first list can be found at the link above.

Criteria for the non-fiction list are:

  1. Works of non-fiction;
  2. Works that have garnered critical acclaim, including awards and honors; that have maintained a readership across generations, or for newer works, are engaging and appealing to a wide swath of the reading public; and/or have provided an impetus for significant change;
  3. Writers that are American (by birth or by virtue of where the author has chosen to live); living or dead; writing in English.

Our non-fiction working list will eventually be sent to the other Chapters for their input. One master list of 100 books will emerge. We envision the list being a very important entity for preserving and promoting women’s voices.

  • Teresa Tumminello Brader, Secretary

Highlights of our Oct. 30 Meeting

We had a great time at our Halloween-themed meeting!  Guest speaker and author Bonnie Noonan presented entertaining and informative information on Women in Science Fiction Films. We all agreed that this should be an October meeting must next year!


Chapter Vice President Marie Breaux introduced Bonnie Noonan, author of several books about women and science fiction films.


Bonnie Noonan explains what’s happening in this science fiction film.


Meeting host Peter Martinat, Nina Calvo and hostess Marie Breaux enjoy some Bloody Mary’s.


Susan Larson and Constance Adler at the event.


Dawn Wilson and “Wonder Woman” Melinda Palacio enjoyed the fun.